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Medieval rock band Tempus

Press Release for Spellbound

4. 11. 2020

TEMPUS to release music video single “Spellbound” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2020

The medieval rock band Tempus has unearthed a seductive, fiery ritual culminating at the seasonal time of Samhain in the form of a new music video single. Their latest offering “Spellbound” truly reveals something mysterious and magical. Fans have previously associated Tempus with folk-oriented music, but the latest music video Spellbound reveals a heavier, more rock-oriented side of the band. The song fits into a medieval rock style in which the band is evolving towards as they currently work on their upcoming untitled second album release and follow-up to their 2015 debut album “Bílá vrána”. The lyrics were created based on images and visions of the singer Linda Ravenna, who composed the music. Spellbound is really colorful in styles. Initially, it’s romantic and delicate before the song develops into a myriad of rock, celtic, and medieval elements. From its inception, the song was perceived as a representation of an old, lost ritual where people are coming together in nature to meet the souls of their deceased loved ones.

The lyrics were created in collaboration with American musician Michael Clemente, who also contributed with editing the music video. This is the first time Tempus is releasing a song in English, as their previous work has been exclusively in Czech. Spellbound was recorded during the summer in the critically-acclaimed Indies Studio in Brno by producers Dušan Souček and Broněk Šmíd, with whom the group collaborated with for the first time. The music video was filmed by Roman Mácha (who also filmed their previous music video “Vitr”) and the drone camerawork was provided by Šimon Blažek. “Filming had to be completed within one day as the situation was uncertain. Despite all weather complications, and a brief encounter with the police, everything was managed in time,” states singer Linda Ravenna. Preparation for filming was carried out several months in advance. Various props were constructed and custom-tailored costumes for each band member were designed and created by Linda. The construction of the throne was a collective work of band members and friends of Tempus. An essential role in the video is the “fiery priestess”. “When we wondered who to choose for this role, Ivka Neterderová from Carpe Noctem was a clear choice,” says Linda. Tempus fans will also notice the addition of new members to the band. The latest additions include bassist Petr Vobejda , and David Zima on hurdy-gurdy, joining the lineup of Linda Ravenna (vocals, shawms, recorders), Pavel Bílý (guitars), Rosťa Blaha (drums), Lenka Musilová (flute), Dalena Morávková (recorders), Lukáš Mayer (rhythm guitar). The addition of the hurdy-gurdy combined with the other medieval instruments, such as the shawm and cornamuse, create a massive wall of sound for the entire composition. The hurdy-gurdy played by David on the recording and in the music video is one of the first APLO prototypes from the workshop of MM Hurdy Gurdy (Ancestore).

Tempus Spellbound
Tempus Spellbound

For fans that wish to support Tempus, “Spellbound” can be purchased and downloaded in any of the major online music stores. For those that prefer physical media, Tempus will offer an option to purchase their first album “Bílá vrána” which will include the Bílá Vrána CD paired with an additional download card for the entire album plus the Spellbound single for digital download. The talented artist of the magical illustration used for the Spellbound digital single is Jiří Dvorský.

Spellbound will also be released on Spotify on Sunday 8th November 8, 2020, at the following Spotify profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2S7g0vH7IebB2eaXRfHL29

For more information, please visit www.tempus.cz.

Tempus can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.