Technical requirements

Information for promoters

Tempus stageplan 2024

The typical length of our concert is 60 to 80 minutes. In the event of a shorter performance the cost remains the same.

We need

  • Provide sound and sound technician (see technical requirements)
  • Stage with roof at least 5 × 6 meters size
  • Provide power outlets for stage equipment 8 × 230V 16A
  • Access to the stage at least half an hour before the show
  • Lockable room or guarded backstage dressing area, where we can change dresses and leave personal things
  • In case of a night show, proper stage lighting needs to be provided by the event host
  • Appropriate accommodation for the band if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How many performing members are there?

Nowadays there are 7 performing members.

How long is your show?

Usually it takes 60 to 80 minutes. It can be extended to 90 minutes upon previous agreement.

Where is the band from?

We come from all over the Moravian region in Czech Republic with our base being in Brno.

What is the price for your show?

The price is mostly determined by the distance we have to travel from Brno. Please contact our manager with an individual offer.

Are you a VAT payer?

We are not VAT payers – we operate as “zapsaný spolek”: Hudební skupina Tempus, z. s., IČO: 02046784.

Where have you performed so far?

We performed live shows all over Czech Republic as well as abroad. See the map of past events.

Do you perform outdoors during winter months?

We only perform indoors in winter due to our instruments’ sensitivity to cold. We can offer you an outdoor concert anytime from May to October.

Do you also do acoustic concerts and parades?

Tempus is purely a stage act and most of our instruments are electro-acoustic/electric so there is always the need for a quality sound system. For this reason we do not perform at parades or acoustic shows. Please see our technical requirements.

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