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Tempus is a Medieval-Rock band from Southern Moravia (Czech Republic).
Formed in 2007, we perform rock music rooted in medieval melodies.

Tempus, středověký rock

Medieval rock

Our repertoire consists primarily of a collection of original songs in Czech, as well as various selections adopted from other Medieval-Rock bands such as Blackmore’s Night.

The music of Tempus is perfect for creating a lively atmosphere and the right ambiance in thematic city events and festivals.

Here are some of the places and festivals we have performed in the past.


Do you organize an event that requires a variety of entertainment? Tempus is a great choice for your program!

More videos can be found on our video page or on our YouTube channel.


Tempus creates an original sound blending Medieval and Traditional melodies with a modern sound; incorporating a variety of unique, handmade instruments that will entertain and enchant audiences both young and old.

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