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About Tempus

Information for promoters

World music with a touch of the Middle Ages

Tempus is a Czech band that weaves world music with rock elements, drawing inspiration from medieval melodies. The band is established in the Czech and European music scene since 2007.

Tempus consists of seven seasoned musicians who bring together years of experience from various musical projects. You may also notice an unconventional instrumental lineup because they combine modern musical instruments with medieval instruments. Their songs are not only catchy, but they contain imaginative arrangements too. Melodic lines of hurdy gurdies, shawms, violin and recorders beautifully blend with original melody lines of electric guitar supported by bass guitar and drums. Compositions highlight the contrast of the gentle voice of lead singer Linda Ravenna against intricate instrumental parts.

One Of A Kind Music Experience

Tempus will also catch your eye by an impressive visual aspect of their performance wearing custom-made costumes on stage.

Tempus tours not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. You can catch them playing big town festivals and music festivals of various genres (Medieval, Celtic, Folk and even Metal festivals). Tempus was also thrilled to open for Blackmore’s Night on their 20th Anniversary Tour in 2017.

More videos can be found on our video page or on our YouTube channel.

Instrumental lineup

Linda Ravenna – lead vocals, shawms, cornamuses, recorders
David Zima – hurdy gurdy, shawms, bagpipes, vocals
Lukáš Mayer – acoustic guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Dalena Morávková – recorders, vocals
Filip Smetana – drums and percussions
Michaela Šmolíková – violin, vocals
Martin Kostohryz – bass guitar

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Official music videos

In addition to their previous album releases, Tempus also recorded two successful singles with official music videos in 2020. The first single “Spellbound” scored airplay not only in Czech radio stations but also in some radio stations around the world.

Testimonials from promoters

Read what event and festival promoters wrote about our performances. You can find more reviews on our testimonials page.

Dear Tempus, I would like to thank you for your performance at the Znojemské historické vinobraní 2016. Your performance was full of great music and an enormous amount of positive energy that the audience and my staff really enjoyed. I wish you all the best in the future and that you continue to dazzle and entertain audiences as you did for us in Znojmo.

Mgr. František Koudela

Director of Znojemská Beseda

Thank you for a beautiful concert in Moravská Třebová. It was a really great experience, we look forward to having you again next time.

Martina Řezníčková

Culture Department of Moravská Třebová

Your Sunday performance at the Svátky vína (Wine Festival) in Uherské Hradiště enriched and enhanced the entire musical and dance spectrum of traditional cultural events. Spectators and organizer of Uh. Hradiště were very satisfied with your program. Thank you.

Jan Maděrič

Head of Department of Culture for Uherské Hradiště

Tempus has already performed twice at our Skotský den Valevilu (Scottish Day of Valevil) at Castle Veveri. I chose them because I really like the style of music and repertoire they play. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance of this band. Because it was such a great success, I invited them to perform again the following year as a headliner. Compared to other bands, they were the most memorable for staff and visitors. The excellent instrumentation and vocals combined with so much positive energy and good humor were pleasing to the crowd and a great way to end our festival. I like them so much, I’ve even invited them to perform a private event at my house over the Christmas holidays. In a time where we are inundated with meaningless kitsch in media and mainstream entertainment, the music of Tempus truly caresses the soul. I highly recommend them.

Petr Vahala

Promoter of "Skotský den Valevilu"

Tempus performed at the Slavnosti Jakuba Krčína (Jakub Krčín Historical Celebration) for the first time. And they were EXCELLENT! I am happy that I chose your band to perform and I’m so glad you performed for us in Třeboň.

PhDr. Luděk Švejcar

Třeboň Culture Department

Dear members of Tempus, it was a pleasure to welcome you to the Staročeská pouť (Old Bohemian Fair). Many thanks from the promoters!

J. Martináková

Klubcentrum in Ústí nad Orlicí

We invited Tempus to perform at the second St. Wenceslas Celebration, which took place at Svijany Castle and their performance absolutely met our expectations. They created a great atmosphere with their concert, which exactly fit into the theme of the event and space of the castle from the 16th century. We will be happy to welcome them again in the future.

Libor Stejskal

Manager of Svijany Castle

Tempus performing live is a beautiful fusion of medieval melodies and rock. They are excellent musicians and it is obvious they have been playing together for quite some time. They are Moravia’s answer to Blackmore’s Night. Compared to other bands, they have an indisputable advantage: not only are they capable musicians, but the band is also great to watch!

Lukáš K.

Nymburk Cultural Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays there are 7 performing members.

Usually it takes 60 to 80 minutes. It can be extended to 90 minutes upon previous agreement.

We come from all over the Moravian region in Czech Republic with our base being in Brno.

The price is mostly determined by the distance we have to travel from Brno. Please contact our manager with an individual offer.

We are not VAT payers – we operate as “zapsaný spolek”: Hudební skupina Tempus, z. s., IČO: 02046784.

We performed live shows all over Czech Republic as well as abroad. See the map of past events.

We only perform indoors in winter due to our instruments’ sensitivity to cold. We can offer you an outdoor concert anytime from May to October.

Tempus is purely a stage act and most of our instruments are electro-acoustic/electric so there is always the need for a quality sound system. For this reason we do not perform at parades or acoustic shows. Please see our technical requirements.


Information about Tempus and the entertainment options we offer


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Technical requirements

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