About Tempus

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Tempus is a Medieval-Rock band from Southern Moravia (Czech Republic).
We perform rock music rooted in medieval melodies.

Tempus, středověký rock

Tempus is a medieval rock band from the Czech Republic led by charismatic singer Linda Ravenna. The band is established in the Czech and European music scene since 2007.

Tempus consists of eight experienced musicians who bring together years of experience from various musical projects. You may also notice an unconventional instrumental lineup because they combine modern musical instruments with medieval instruments. Their songs are not only catchy, but they contain imaginative arrangements too. Melodic lines of hurdy gurdies, shawms, and flute beautifully blend with original melody lines of electric guitar supported by bass guitar and drums. Compositions highlight the contrast of the gentle voice of lead singer Linda Ravenna against intricate instrumental parts. It is not easy to classify the genre they play for their music is inspired by a lot of different elements. You can hear medieval melodies and rock riffs as well as melodies inspired by Celtic and World Music.


Tempus will also catch your eye by an impressive visual aspect of their performance wearing custom-made costumes on stage.

Tempus tours not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. You can catch them playing big town festivals and music festivals of various genres (Medieval, Celtic, Folk and even Metal festivals). Tempus was also thrilled to open for Blackmore’s Night on their 20th Anniversary Tour in 2017.

More videos can be found on our video page or on our YouTube channel.

Instrumental lineup

Linda Ravenna – lead vocals, shawms, cornamuses, recorders
David Zima – hurdy gurdy, shawms, bagpipes, vocals
Lukáš Mayer – acoustic guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Pavel Bílý – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Kuba Ohnoutek – double bass, bass guitar
Dalena Morávková – recorders, vocals
Rosťa Blaha – drums and percussions
Michaela Šmolíková – violin, vocals


Official music videos

In addition to their previous album releases, Tempus also recorded two successful singles with official music videos in 2020. The first single “Spellbound” scored airplay not only in Czech radio stations but also in some radio stations around the world.